Our Processes

How we do it..

Devligence aims at coming up with tailored products that are reliable and can be scaled easily. We do this following simple steps that ensure we take into account the business processes and the technical viability.

  • We identify the core problem

    At Devligence we believe that every solution and product should be aiming at solving an existing problem. We first Identify the problem at hand and get a deeper understanding of the problem being solved.This ensures a complete overview of what our goal is.
  • Draft possible solutions

    After identifying the problem we then get into defining all the possible solutions. We then choose and work with the solution that has the highest possibility of solving the problem.
  • Organize tools and personnel

    Actualizing the solution requires tools and skilled personell. We then assign tasks and set deliverables that should be met.
  • Implement the solutions

    Here is where we get into development. Every hand on deck.
  • Documentation of the solution and processes

    At Devligence we like our projects documentated fully, for easier follow up and maintenance.
  • Follow Up

    We then Follow up, and cross check if the solution was effective enough.