BoardHub is a comprehensive and secure meeting management solution designed to help organizations streamline and improve the way they manage meetings and collaborate with board and committee members.

With BoardHub, organizations can take advantage of a range of effective features for managing meetings, creating agendas and minutes, organizing meetings calendars, conducting surveys and evaluations, and more.


Security by design is at the heart of Boardhub. We have implemented military grade encryption among other security controls to protect data and respect your privacy while using the platform.

Flexible Meeting Management

Boardhub addresses boards needs to optimize the entire meeting workflow. Create meetings and agendas, prepare and share meeting packs, manage attendance, collaborate and discuss committee resolutions and hold votes.


View, update and sign documents in real time on your devices e.g. phone, tablet without having to print.

Visibility & Insights

We have built dashboard that give on overview on board performance, voting results, minutes and tasks.


Board members have a complete access to agenda, meeting minutes, approvals and archives anywhere, anytime on any device.

Collaboaration made easy

Zoom and Webex integrations provide a singular meeting experience for board members. No need to switch apps.

The platform provides an easy-to-use interface that enables regular communication, strategic planning, managing board policy and measure performance of the entire board and individual members. Company secretary or administrator are able to efficiently manage the board calendar, schedule and manage meetings and distribute material all under one roof.

BoardHub provides everything organizations need to manage meetings and collaborate effectively with board and committee members and other stakeholders.

Ready to take your meetings to the next level?