Sapien (previously Entraway) is a software solution designed to provide API gateway as a service. It allows developers and enterprises to keep their backend infrastructure under control by providing a range of tools and features for managing and securing APIs. Some of the key features of Sapien include the ability to create and manage APIs, monitor and analyze API performance, and secure APIs with authentication and authorization controls. By using Sapien, developers and enterprises can improve the efficiency and reliability of their backend systems and better protect their data and resources

Designed for Developers, Made for the Edge

Security Compliance

You do not need to develop security mechanisim to your services, we have you sorted. Sapien allows you to setup authentication mechanisms such as None,Basic,JWT or API Key. This authentication will be checked on every request being sent to your services.

Body Traffic Conversions

Sapien converts both the incoming and outgoing request body from your services. You can either convert from JSON to XML or viceversa.

Service Definations

With your services hosted in different regions and with each service having a reachable IP address, Sapien allows you to define/add those api's as definations so that we can route all traffic to those services

Dashboard Analytics & Reports

Sapien offers you analytics on each app/gateway you create, allowing you to be able to view on first hand your gateway interactions with external parties

Route Exceptions

If you decide to use an authentication mechanism and you also require that some routees such as login is not checked during authentication then Sapien allows you to define those routes.

IP Whitelisting

In some cases you do require only some selected IP's access your service. Sapien allows you to whitelist this IP's meaning only this IP's will get access to your services