Hospicare is a medical enterprise solution that allows patients to track their medical history including individual costs and prescriptions, make appointments while also allowing the doctors to view and manage all their individual patients and their records, and allow the management to keep track of their hospital operations.
The system comprises of the doctors, patients and management modules

Patient Features
  • View and Track personal medical prescriptions.
  • View medical history i.e. pre- existing conditions,appointments,spendings.
  • View payments history and analysis.
  • View list of doctors who have treated them.
  • Book appointments.
  • View previous hospital visits records including cost and prescriptions.
  • Make direct communication to the hospital and individual patients.
Doctor Features
  • List of all patients they have treated.
  • List of appointments requested.
  • Detailed Patient medical history.
  • Prescription details for various patients.
  • Raise emergencies when needed.
  • Contact patients easily.
Management Features
  • View and manage all patients who visit your hospital.
  • View the total summary of spendings of all your patients.
  • View the history and frequency of your hospital visits.
  • You will be able to get direct Patient feedback on your services.
  • The system allows direct communication with all your patients.

We do allow customization of the solution to fit your needs and for the benefit of your organization.